National Labor Federation (NLF) is the pioneer, largest, ideological, most active and dynamic, country wide labor federation in Pakistan. With an affiliation of 400 unions, it represents the membership of more than 500,000 in all public and private sectors. It is an immense honor and ptound moment for NLF in the history of trade unions in Pakistan that it is celebrating its golden jubilee in 2019. As It is the only federation in the country which is working under same slogan and title, since its estabmishment  i-e from last five decades.
 Head office of the federation  is in Lahore and the other 40 branch offices are in different cities and districts all over the country, including Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, Quetta, Faisalabad, Multan, Toba Tek Singh, Haiderabad, Sukkar etc. More than 100 volunteers are looking after day to day matters of the federation in these offices.
NLF was founded on 9th November 1969 in Karachi. In its first general body on the same day Prof. Shafi Malik was elected as president, Mr.Shabbir Hussain as Secretary General, Mr. Muhammad Jilani as senior vice president and eight other office bearers as members of the executive committee. Prof. Shafi Malik remained the president of this federation for 30 years (1969 – 1999).
 Muhammad Islam, Mairaj uddin Khan(late), Rafique Ahmad Khan, Shams ur Rehman Sawati and Rana Mehmood Ali Khan have been elected as presidents of NLF from 1999 to 2019.
 In January 19, Shams Ur Rehman Sawati was again elected as president, Hafiz Salman Butt as a chairman and Shahid Ayub Khan as Secretary General. The other elected office bearers in the present team are 4 senior vice presidents, 10 vice presidents, executive members and 50 members in the managing committee. At least two meetings of the managing committee, six of executive committee and one meeting of general council are held annualy. NLF arranges and conducts training workshops on regular basis on different occasions in different cities for their members and special training programs for their leadership. For this purpose founder President NLF Prof. Shafi Malik is also running an institution with the name of Workers Training and Education trust (WE trust) in Karachi with a huge library on labor matters. WE trust has also published several books on the history and difficulties faced by labor in Pakistan. WE trust follow to educate and train all type of workers without considering any political affiliation or prejudice.
To highlight the labor troubles/issues NLF is publishing monthly magazine AL-KASIB on regular basis. With the real efforts of NLF daily Jasarat is the only newspaper in Pakistan, which is publishing the labor page on every Monday for last three decades. The leadership of all federations and unions are given equal opportunities to raise their voice in support of labor class by publishing their articles and statements in labor page.
NLF members and affiliated unions are present in most of the public and private sector organizations in the country, which include Pakistan Railways, Pakistan International Airlines(PIA), Pakistan Steel Mills, local bodies, Water and Power, Power distribution companies, aviation, agriculture, shipping, transport, textile, banking, oil and gas, Insurance, fisheries, mines, minerals, garments, fertilizer and other fields and industries.
NLF is also working for the organization and registration of informal sector labor and is always keen to highlight their troubles and raises voice in their favor. The doors of NLF are open for every worker, without difference of religion, region, cast, gender and political affiliation. NLF is struggling for the implementation of international and domestic labor laws to protect the right of labor, including lady workers, and vehemently discoutages practice of child labor.









Executive power

Executive power is vested in the President, who is also the Head of State. The President…..

Paid Leave

As provided in the Factories Act, 1934, every worker who has completed a period of twelve months continuous….

Labour legislation

Pakistan’s labour laws trace their origination to legislation inherited from India at the time of partition….

Executive power

While article 37 of the Constitution makes reference to maternity benefits for women in employment ….

Contract of Employment

While Article 18 of the Constitution affords every citizen with the right to enter upon any lawful….


Article 38 of the Constitution imparts the State’s obligations aimed at achieving equality in the form of securing ….

working and Rest Time

Under the Factories Act, 1934 no adult employee, defined as a worker who has completed……

Freedom of Association

The right to association is guaranteed by Article 17 of the Pakistani Constitution imparting on every citizen….